Academic Program Descriptions
Agricultural Sciences
This program offers a college preparatory curriculum that includes hands-on instruction in plant science, animal science, horticulture, food science, nutrition, and agribusiness. (Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences only)
Children’s Engineering
The Children’s Engineering Program is designed to foster an understanding of the principles of engineering design as well as an appreciation of the importance of engineering in providing food, warmth, and other physical comforts. Students also acquire skills in quantitative observation, scientific methods, cooperative learning, and critical thinking. (Davis Magnet School only)
Dual Language Immersion
This program enables English-speaking students to learn and improve their English skills and receive Spanish instruction. Spanish-speaking students learn and improve their skills in Spanish and receive English instruction.
Fine and Performing Arts
This program encourages students’ creative and artistic expression, and develops their interest in art, music, dance, and/or drama. Faculty and students work with some of the city’s premier arts institutions and artists, both in the schools and throughout the city.
The humanities program includes literature, history, art, music, geography, and world language and brings artists and speakers into the classroom.
International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme
The IB Primary Years Programme is designed for students ages 5-12. The program aims to develop students who are inquirers, thinkers, caring, open-minded, knowledgeable, and well-balanced.
International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme
The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) provides an accelerated curriculum that focuses on a world language, English, mathematics, humanities, sciences, arts, physical education, and technology. The program is offered for students in grades 6, 7, and 8, and continues to prepare 9th and 10th grade students in an International Baccalaureate MYP Partner High Schools. Admissions testing is not required, but students must be highly motivated, have a solid academic record, and complete a parent-student interview.
International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is designed for students in grades 11-12 and offers courses for the IB Diploma, a prestigious secondary school credential recognized worldwide by institutions of higher learning. Admissions testing is required at Lincoln Park only. For all other schools, students must have a stanine of six in reading and mathematics on their most recent standardized test, participate in a parent-student interview at the school, provide a writing sample, and demonstrate a record of solid academic performance.
Literature and Writing
This curriculum strengthens student skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking through an intensive language arts and literature program. Students develop critical reading skills, including the ability to interpret and respond to various forms of literature.
Mathematics and Science
The mathematics and science curricula strongly emphasize those aspects of knowledge that are most likely to contribute to a student’s ability to explain, reason, communicate, and problem-solve, using mathematics and science.
Metropolitan Studies
This program uses the institutions and many cultural opportunities available in the Chicago area as a major source of knowledge, and expands student opportunities with regard to urban resources. (Kelly High School only)
Middle School Cadet Corp Program
This program provides the opportunity for middle school students to develop leadership and discipline skills. The program includes an emphasis on communications, teamwork skills, discipline, and leadership training. (Madero Middle School only)
Montessori Program
The aim of Montessori education is to foster competent, responsible students who demonstrate creativity, order, coordination and independence in their work. Students learn to solve problems independently in an inquiring, cooperative, nurturing atmosphere.
Open Classroom
Each grade level is located in an open classroom (no walls) environment. Each open space has an instructional team of eight teachers who service approximately 200 students. (Disney Magnet School only)
Paideia Program
The Paideia model includes a demanding liberal arts and sciences curriculum. Use of the Socratic seminar is designed to develop students’ abilities to think and express themselves. (Sullivan High School only)
Scholastic Academies
These magnet schools place strong emphasis on language arts and mathematics, and offer an enriched curriculum in a selected area of art, music, science, world language, or language arts.
World Language
Students are provided with intensive instruction in a world language, such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese or Polish to acquire proficiency in the new language as well as develop cultural understanding and awareness.
World Language and International Studies
This is a gifted, college preparatory program emphasizing oral fluency in a world language and the development of international communications skills. (Morgan Park High School only)

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