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Office of Academic Enhancement

Selective Enrollment High Schools
The following provides a practical, step-by-step illustration of the process for selecting students for the Selective Enrollment High Schools:
  • Students will receive an offer from the highest-ranked school on their application for which they qualify. For example, let's say your child applies to Payton, Northside, Jones, and Lane. After all of the students have been tested, they are first ranked in order of their composite scores, from the highest to lowest. The selection process starts with the top-scoring student and proceeds down the list.
  • When we reach your child's score on the list, the selection process will begin for her. We will look first at Payton, to see if there are still seats available either by pure rank, or within her census tract tier to qualify for a seat a Payton.
  • If all seats have already been filled by higher scoring students, we will then go to her second choice to see if there are still seats available by either pure rank or within her census tier at Northside. If there are, she will receive an offer from Northside and the selection process for your child ends there. If she did not, we then go to her third choice, and so on.
  • This process continues until your child receives an offer or until her school choice list is exhausted. If your child’s list is exhausted, we move on the next student on this list.
Note: The selection process is always conducted in order of the list of students, which is ranked according to the students’ final point scores. Therefore, for example, ranking a school first would not give a student preference over another student, in the same tier, who ranked a school third, had a higher point score, and did not get an offer from their first or second choice schools. In this scenario, the student with the higher point score, who ranked the school third, would receive an offer to that school before a student with a lower score who ranked the school as her first choice.