Office of Academic Enhancement


See below for options for the current school year for elementary schools!


District Schools

Click here for the Citywide Options Summer application, which identifies schools that still have seats available in various grades for the current school year. Submit the application to the Office of Access and Enrollment.

The following are additional elementary schools with space in various grades; contact the school directly for information.

For specifics on the schools, visit and enter the name of the school in the search box.

Agassiz Elementary School, 2851 N. Seminary Ave., 773-534-5725

Belmont-Cragin Elementary School, 5252 W. Palmer Ave., 773-534-2900

Bennett Elementary School, 10115 S. Prairie Ave., 773-535-5460

Black Magnet School, 7133 S. Coles (K-3), 773-535-6395; 9101 S. Euclid Ave. (4-8), 773-535-6390

Bright Elementary School, 10740 S. Calhoun Ave., 773-535-6215

Bronzeville Lighthouse Charter School, 8 W. Root St., 773-535-1460

Casals Elementary School, 3501 W. Potomac Ave., 773-534-4444

Cooper Dual Language Academy, 1624 W. 19th St., 773-534-7205

Funston Elementary School, 2010 N. Central Park Ave., 773-534-4125

Kellman Corporate Community School, 3030 W. Arthington St., 773-534-6602

Kipling Elementary School, 9351 S. Lowe Ave., 773-535-3151

Orozco Community Academy, 1940 W. 18th St., 773-534-7215

Pilsen Elementary School, 1420 W. 17th St., 773-534-1789

Sabin Magnet School, 2216 W. Hirsch St., 773-534-4490

Turner-Drew Magnet School, 9300 S. Princeton Ave., 773-535-5720

Charter Schools

The Academy for Global Citizenship, 4647 W. 47th St., 773-582-1100 ext. 10

Foundations College Prep, 1233 W. 109th Pl., 773-298-5800