Office of Academic Enhancement

Month: July 2018

The Pride of Indian Educational History

Typically we the Bengalis are fantastically to a large extent emotional with our imagination and cultural issues and we be keen on to be proud with the stature of heritage of our identifiable cultural heart Kolkata which is…

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Online Education Vs Classroom Learning

Online education is stretching the boundaries of the classroom environment, offering a patient friendly alternative to the pressures of studying at school. Online learning has made it easier for adults who may have a full time job or…

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Online Courses for College Credit

For a long time taking online courses was simply not recognized on a person’s resume. Attending an online trade school was something that was done by those who could not make it in to the accredited colleges. These…

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Modern Technology Impacts Healthcare Education Delivery

The healthcare profession is a very rewarding career. There are so many different jobs within the profession. The list is expansive. Most people in the healthcare field enjoy helping and taking care of sick people. They enjoy helping…

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Education For School And Parents

There is no doubt that English and Mandarin are the world’s languages. Therefore, in Indonesia, there are a lot of schools offering English and Mandarin subjects. Some schools even adopt curriculum from overseas. They call themselves as National-Plus…

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