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All you need to be a great communicator

What it takes to be a great communicator? There are many things needed. In this passage I’m going to discuss some of them. These are the skills most of the presentation training courses provide. These are:

Looks – it is not only the physical beauty but how you dress and groom, how you care yourself. These presentation training courses will give some grooming tips. They will guide you in how to dress for the occasion, table manners and stage manners.

Body language- gestures and face expressions; your body language is important as it reflects your confidence level and makes your speech interesting. The public speaking training will teach you using perfect body language for maximum effect .

Words – they will guide you in how to choose the proper words suitable for the occasion and target audience.

Being a good listener – go with human nature, listen to them showing keen Interest in their talk.

Make a habit of showering honest praise – always make a point to shower honest praise, find reasons to praise people.

KISS – it is necessary to keep your speech short and easy to understand. A public speaking skills program will help you to prepare your speech in that manner .

Be flexible in dealing with people; never disagree – be a naturally agreeable person, anybody can disagree but it takes a bold, intelligent and courageous person to agree while the other person is wrong.

Be polite and polished – politeness is such a rare virtue that whoever practices it, he is bound to be popular.

Add some humor in your speech – if you can add some humor in your speech, you are bound to be appreciated.

Be audience friendly.- Apart from these skills, a decent public speaking skills program will reduce your fear of public speaking.

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