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Be Thoughtful with Your Photos!

When you start taking photos for your yearbook you will realize that you need to take a lot of photos until you find those perfect ones. If you are a serious photography enthusiast than you won’t mind snapping away a few hundred photos per week. Actually you will most likely enjoy it a great deal. The likely hood of you snapping a photo that someone might not want to be in the yearbook is likely to happen so you have to be thoughtful of some of the photos you take. Here are some things to avoid when taking photos.
1. Funny Angles: Funny angles can sometimes make your victim look funny or strange. Strange angles also often times leave people in unflattering views. People really do have a good or bad side so it is important to be respectful before publishing a photo that might clearly be of them on their not so best day.
2. Accidental Photos: Sometimes you are going to get photos into the mix of strange or funny things happen that might be embarrassing. These are not yearbook photos, most of the time. You might be clicking away taking photos and someone falls over and you happen to catch it on camera.
3. People Dining: You want to be careful about taking photos of people eating. Many people are very self conscience when they eat so it will be important to be careful when taking photos of people eating and using them in the yearbook

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