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Creative Thinking – The Brain – Brainstorming

Exercise your Brain and become more creative in your thinking
Author – Mary Whelan

How do you begin to become more creative in your thinking?
First, you must examine your beliefs about your capability, and reframe any negative ones by replacing them with empowering beliefs. You start with your belief system, because this is what dictates your actions.
If you boost your belief in your capability to do something, you will automatically find situations in which to test that capability and develop it. Beliefs are always supported by evidence, so the more evidence you have, the stronger the belief. The stronger the belief, the more frequently you will act upon it. The more frequently you act upon this belief, the better developed your skills will become and the more successful you will be.

Creative and innovative thinking work best when the brain is fit and up to the challenge of increased synaptic activity. Whether you are feeling sharp or dull is due to the chemistry in your brain. The greater the synaptic activity, the greater the flow of good ideas.
To this end, it is recommended that you develop your brain fitness with a daily workout of puzzles and exercises that include lateral, logical and analytical thinking, as well as memory exercises.
Meditation and yoga produce a sense of detachment and perspective which aids the problem solving process. The use of humour and playful exercises are essential as they reduce stress which inhibits clear thinking. When you allow yourself to be in playful mode, or when you take physical exercise, endorphins are released which in turn release the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which helps the synaptic connections to function more effectively. Certain foods and drinks also enhance synaptic activity.

“A well nourished brain is vital to creative thought…Have respect for your brain and it will serve you well as the architect of your creative experiences.” JL Read.

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