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Does you Yearbook Cover Carry Attributes of your Students?

When you start designing your yearbook it will be important to have factors that connect your audience with your yearbook cover. The very first thing that everyone is going to see when they first look at the book and pick it up in their hands is going to be the cover so you will want the cover to have numerous ways a large group of your audience can make an instant connection.
Here are some ways that your audience can connect through your yearbook cover:
1. Colors: Try using colors that connect to your students. Does your school or organization have colors that brand the school? If yes than you shouldn’t use colors that do not exist anywhere at your school.
2. Photos: Try using some photos or even one photo. Pick one that might have really stood out throughout the year. You could even take a very simplistic path and keep it black and white with little graphics depending on the tone of your year book.
3. School Spirit: Think deep to what keeps your student body moving and what they either enjoy or really beleive in. What is most important to the students at your school and expand on it.
Making a connection with the students will be very important for them to want to keep flipping through your yearbook. The more they can connect the more they will talk about how much they enjoy reading through your yearbook.

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