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There is no doubt that English and Mandarin are the world’s languages. Therefore, in Indonesia, there are a lot of schools offering English and Mandarin subjects. Some schools even adopt curriculum from overseas. They call themselves as National-Plus or International School. It is in fact our duty to educate our younger generations. With the growth of technology and pressure from this era, our younger generations need to widen their knowledge and to be intelligent. It is not wrong to educate our children with curriculum from overseas. Of course, parents want their children to be able to speak English, Mandarin or even other languages. It is also for the benefit of their children when they get older.
However, on the other hand, schools and parents sometimes forget that all the education and knowledge that they are trying to give to the children are not for their benefit. Education is just business for school to get more money from the parents. Parents are blinded by all the great oversea curriculums and false promises from the school which guarantee their children can speak fluent English or Mandarin and are smarter than other children from other schools.
Children have to study for more than 6 hours at school and at least 1 hour at their tuition place. Parents are becoming more competitive among them. They want their children to be number one and get perfect marks for their tests. That is way tuition after school are considered needed for their children. Some parents just forget that they are the educator for their own children. In fact, children who are taught by their own parents show more interest in studying and excel in their school. Children who are taught by a tutor after school, show less interest in studying and tired of studying.
It is good if we want out children to be able to speak some foreign languages like English and Mandarin. However, we sometimes forget that those 6 hours that the children spend at school speaking in English or Mandarin are useless if we don’t create the same environment at home. Parents often disappointed with their children and sometimes with the teachers because their children cannot speak fluent English or Mandarin despite of the money they already spent for their children’s education. But, parents themselves don’t speak those languages with their children at home. Parents are the model for their children. If we, parents, insist our children to be able to speak English or Mandarin then we, parents, also have to speak those languages with them. In that way, all the money that we spend on our children’s education will not be drawn to drain.

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