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For a long time taking online courses was simply not recognized on a person’s resume. Attending an online trade school was something that was done by those who could not make it in to the accredited colleges. These courses were akin to the mail order courses such as key making, learning about how to become a security guard, and other courses that were not regarded highly when placed on a resume. The advent of online courses soon followed and has grown from being a course that was taken by those who could not keep up to a fully recognized course with more respect.
The economic slump that has swept the nation requires a drastic change in direction for the workforce. Many people have been faced with failing investments, reduced hours in the work place, and in some cases, laid off. In a world that has turned and continues to turn to technology and become more digital requires that the next steps be based in the technology world. Many people have turned to online education and it has grown to include accredited courses which lead to real world jobs and real world pay.
Now in the world of online courses comes yet a new era of respect. The upcoming announcement of the American Council on Education will recognize some courses for college credit. This means that the quality of the education has grown to be reputable and is now accepted as a part of the mainstream educational system. Accredited online colleges will have accomplished a great feat of recognition. These past classes used to mean more experience and skills, but not more credit towards your college career.
This will now create a necessary debate amongst many colleges and universities as to if they will accept other types of online courses as credit towards a curriculum to graduate and receive a diploma from their school. This may mean that colleges and universities will move quicker towards online education themselves especially for the entry level courses.
Another part of the debate will become the costs associated with online classes versus the traditional face to face costs. Realizing these costs could cause another major shift in the education world where one semester costs thousands of dollars as opposed to an online course where the overhead is not necessary.
The digital world is changing all the time. There is more to come for the online education system as it grows in the coming years as the gap between online trade schools and accredited online colleges begins to close.

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