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Online Education Vs Classroom Learning

Online education is stretching the boundaries of the classroom environment, offering a patient friendly alternative to the pressures of studying at school. Online learning has made it easier for adults who may have a full time job or children to support to continue to study, with flexible hours, and the option to learn when you want, it is possible to live a life outside your academic studies. With the classroom environment you have to give 110% into what the lecturers saying otherwise you may miss crucial information which may be vital toward an assignment. The negative of a classroom lecture is that if you miss out on what the teacher has said then that information is gone forever, with online learning you can revisit the lecture over and over again to ensure it sticks in your head. There are no pressures and forced work and deadlines, you learn what you want to learn and take as long as you want, you have the power, no longer do you have to sit through hours and hours of pointless mundane lectures. No. Now you can pick and choose the lectures that actually interest you. For students who like to learn fast, you can, for students who like a patient slow approach, that option is also available. In higher education it seems only one approach. Full speed and nothing in between, online classes find the perfect balance. There were criticisms of e-learning a few years ago such as the lack of complete content, the limitations of the readers, and so on. These limitations have now been largely eliminated and a stunningly quick revolution has shaken that industry to its core.
The rise in the cost of higher education has been worse than any other sector in the economy including health care. There is a mini crisis with less people now applying for higher education. That crisis is not simply that universities are finding their finances strained but rather is evidenced by the extraordinary escalation of the price of their service to its customers.
It now seems that only the richest people in the UK can afford to go to University, David Cameron is the anti Robin Hood, instead of stealing from the rich and feeding the poor, he is starving the less fortunate of us of education and only offering it the wealthy. This is where online learning is the future, the benefits outweigh any negatives.

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