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The Chicago Public Schools is offering the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at 14 high schools. The designated high schools are identified as Prospective while they move through the IB application process. After all conditions are met the school becomes a full participating IB member and can offer IB Diploma courses and register studentsfor IB examinations.

The IB programme is designed for students who are highly motivated and desire a rigorous academic program. The program provides at newly established high schools an option for those who perform at or above the 60th percentile on standardized achievement tests or show comparable achievement through alternate assessments, are highly motivated and have a record of solid performance. The first CPS IB programme at Lincoln Park High School is open to students citywide who score at the 90th percentile or better on standardized reading and mathematics examinations and meet the eligibility criteria.

The IB programme includes model educational components from various international educational systems. It offers a structured course of study for eleventh and twelfth grade students leading to internationally scored examinations and a diploma that is internationally recognized. An Advanced Honors curriculum offered at the ninth and tenth grade levels or the IB Middle Years Programme enables the identified students to be prepared for the IB Diploma Programme.

IB students take more courses during their four years than those required for graduation. The comprehensive curriculum takes elements from the educational systems of many countries and provides students from differing cultural, economic, and social backgrounds with the knowledge, critical thinking skills, and international awareness necessary for living in a global community.

The IB Programme requires that students pass exams in six subject groups:

  1. A holistic view of knowledge
  2. Language A (English)
  3. Language B (Second Language)
  4. Study of Individuals and Societies
  5. Experimental Sciences
  6. Mathematics
  7. Elective from the subjects of art or music

The IB Programme sets three other requirements:

  1. A two-year interdisciplinary course, Theory of Knowledge, which explores the relationships of various disciplines to one another and to life experiences
  2. An extended essay of 4,000 words requiring independent research
  3. Participation in artistic,athletic activities and creativity action service (CAS)
Application Procedures

Students may attend an International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme school if they live in the school's region and meet the eligibility criteria.

Students may attend an IB Diploma Programme school if they live in the school's attendance area or instructional area (except for Lincoln Park High School which accepts students citywide) and meet the eligibility criteria. Parents should contact the IB Diploma Programme school or the OfFice of Academic Enhancement for further information.

To apply for entrance in the IB high schools, you will need to contact your high school of choice and obtain an application from the school. Submit the completed application directly to the school to which you are applying. The deadline for submission of the application is in December. If you have any questions, please call the Office of Academic Enhancement at 773.553.2060.


Amundsen H.S. Area 19
51 10 N. Damen Avenue
(773) 534-2320
Austin Community Academy Area 21
231 N. Pine Avenue
(773) 534-6300
Curie Metro H.S. Area 22
4959 South Archer Avenue
(773) 535-2100
Hubbard H.S. Area 23
6200 S. Hamlin Avenue
(773) 535-2200
Hyde Park Academy H.S. Area 23
6220 5. Stony Island Avenue
(773) 535-0880
Kelly H.S. Area 22
41 36 5. California Avenue
(773) 535-4900
Lincoln Park H.S. Citywide
2001 N. Orchard Street
(773) 534-8130
Morgan Park H.S. Area 24
1744 W. Pryor Avenue
(773) 535-2550
Prosser H.S. Area 20
2148 N. Long Avenue
(773) 534-3200
Senn H.S. Area 19
5900 N. Glenwood Avenue
(773) 534-2365
Steinmetz H.S. Area 20
3030 N. Mobile Avenue
(773) 534-3030
Taft H.S. Area 19
6530 W. Bryn Mawr
(773) 534-1000
Washington H.S. Area 24
3535 E. 114tH.S.treet
(773) 535-5725


Bogan H.S. Area 23
3959 West 79tH.S.treet
(773) 535-2180
Clark Academic Prep. H.S. Area 21
5101 W. Harrison Street
(773) 534-6250

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