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Gifted and Enriched Academic Programs

The CPS Gifted and Enriched Academic Programs are founded on the principle that all students are entitled to equal opportunity to develop in relationship to their abilities. A citywide network of program models and services is available to supplement, support, or modify the standard school program in order to challenge children identified as gifted and talented. These are students who consistently demonstrate superior general reasoning ability and/or potential to excel in a specific academic, creative, or artistic area.

Selective Enrollment High Schools offer a college preparatory program for academically advanced high school students. An admission test is administered to eligible incoming freshman students based upon their 7th grade standardized achievement test scores. Selection of students is determined by the admission test results and 7th grade standardized achievement test scores, grades and attendance.
Identification and Selection

Eligibility criteria are based on four performance areas:
  • Selective enrollment entrance exam is 30% of total score and 300 points weight
  • 7th grade standardized achievement test score is 30% of total score and 300 points weight
  • 7th grade end-of-year grades for core subjects is 30% of total score and 300 points weight
  • 7th grade attendance is 10% of total score and 100 points weight
Selection is based on ranking by total points (1,000 = maximum point total) Of the more than 10,000 students who are invited to take the qualifying exam, only about 2,500 students are selected and enrolled at the schools in the fall. The decision is based on school choice, total point score, number of seats available at each school, the goals of the decree for federal desegregation, and, lastly, special education.

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Program Description
Brooks HS has a four-year Pre-Law and Pre-Business Technology advisory program. The college prep curriculum and personal counseling focus on preparing students for success at the postsecondary collegiate level. Honors and AP classes incorporate interdisciplinary thematic units.

Jones HS students benefit from college credit courses from many universities, meaningful relationships with various museums and cultural institutions, and technological enhancements in the classroom. A wide array of AP courses and summer science and engineering programs in Andover, Massachusetts, and Fermilab are available. King HS students receive emphasis on information technology, architecture and engineering, and the performing and visual arts. King students have placed first in area, city, and state science fairs, state math competitions, freshmen/sophomore chess competitions and NAACP ACT-SO local competitions.

Lane HS, the largest high school in Illinois, offers honors, college core, technology, architecture, engineering, and music courses. The racially, ethnically and economically diverse students have received more than $5 million in college scholarships. Education-to-Careers programs are offered in automotive, machines, electronics, computers, radio-TV, theatre technology, architectural drafting, computer-aided drafting, art, accounting, business systems networking and telecommunications.

Lindblom HS offers a diverse college preparatory curriculum including honors and AP courses, which are supplemented by Education-to-Careers clusters and an award-winning JROTC program. Students explore areas of interest in math and science and have won athletic championships.

Northside HS offers a rigorous college preparatory curriculum with all core courses taught at either the honors or AP level. It provides complete services for special needs students. The College Bridge program and the Illinois Virtual High School offer additional classes. The school achieved the top score in the state on the 2003-2004 Illinois Prairie State Achievement Exam. Northside also offers 42 different clubs.

Payton HS offers a unique math, science and world language curriculum that includes Chinese, Japanese, Latin, French and Spanish. A global perspective in all courses is supported and enhanced. Coursework is technology-rich, project-based and inter-disciplinary in all core subject areas. Video-conferencing opportunities are scheduled throughout the school year. The school’s math team won two state championships in a row.

Young HS boasts one of the largest Advanced Placement (AP) programs in the city. Some students take college courses through the College Bridge Program or through the Talented Seniors Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The school’s technology-rich program offers honors courses in more than 35 subjects. The class of 2005 included 21 National Achievement Semifinalists (the highest number in the nation) and 14 National Merit Semifinalists.

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